Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Meta-Switch Weight Loss System In Action | How I Am Feeling One Week In

So tomorrow (Sunday September 14th) will make one full week that I have been on the Meta-Switch Weight Loss Program.

I fought my urge to get on the scale today, but I will get on tomorrow!  Don't worry I will post my progress and make a new video.

Yesterday (September 13th) I cooked pasta, salmond, and fresh bread for dinner (I had company over) new guy I am dating and wanted to impress with my cooking skills.  Mission accomplished-- he was quite smitten with my cooking as evident in his happy plate (that means an empty plate).

And even though I served myself about half of what I gave him, I was unable to finish it!  I made myself finish the fish and left the pasta for the trash can grave yard.

I didn't even want to finish the wine I had.  It was very empowering to see myself just not that interested in my food!

Instead I really enjoyed the company I had and we watched a movie and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

I think that yesterday was really the first time I have had that particular experience and I am GRATEFUL for it.  I have been a slave to my own gluttonous ways for far too long.

Today I returned to the gym for the first time since I started taking the Meta-Switch Weight Loss System.  I also had a Max APT and Max Infuze cocktail during my workout.

I did a little cardio and leg workout.  Here is what I did. . .

Treadmill and Squat Curcuit:

6 minutes on the treadmill (with incline and power walking pace)
*for me this was a speed of 4.0 with a 2% incline that I increase as I went on. . .

Pause the treadmill hop off and do 20 wieghted squats (with dumbbells or a bar) as quickly as you can but DON'T sacrifice form
*for me I used the 30 lb bar which I put behind my neck and did a nice and deep squat

I did 5 evolutions of this totaling 100 weighted squats and 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Then I super-setted:

5 sets x 20 reps for 100 reps of each
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions  

5 sets x 20 reps for 100 reps of each
Box Jumps
Stiff Legged Dead Lift

I sipped the Max APT and Infuze mix through out the workout. 

I am sure that it helped me with my energy as having not been in the gym for such a stint would have made that workout extremely hard to get through but while I was smoked-- I wasn't out of it.  I went down to the sauna and enjoyed a little heat bath for 15 minutes before heading home.

I have to say that so far it has been a GREAT MAX day!  And it is NOT even over yet!

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