Sunday, September 29, 2013

Meta-Switch Weight Loss System | How I am Feeling

So I have been on the Meta-Switch Weight Loss System for about 3 weeks now.  I have loss 7 pounds.  I have not checked my inches yet but that update is coming soon.

I have started to notice a change in my appetite for sure.  I am getting full a lot faster and staying satisfied for a lot longer.  I attribute this to the Curb fiber slimming bar (part 2 of the Meta-Switch Weight Loss System).

There have been a few day when I have not taken the pills 3 times.  And a few more when I didn't take them exactly 30 minutes before eating.  The system still seems to work though.

One of my biggest contributing factors to my success so far with Meta-Switch (in my opinion) is that I DO DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  About 3/4 a gallon or more a day.  I measure it by drinking out of the same big cup each day.

One day I was so busy working I forgot to have half a bar (and I wasn't hungry between breakfast and lunch) so I ate the bar as my dinner with a really small salad and big thing of water.  I felt stuffed about 10 minutes later.

I know so many people that this product can help, but they just aren't open to it.  They want to keep struggling and trying fad diets that are getting them no where.  Or even worse teaching them unhealthy habits.

This weekend a friend of mines was logging in his food on his Weight Watchers mobile app.  I just watched him down at least 1000 calories in a single sitting but according to Weight Watchers he was still good for the day. . .  Get out of here!!!!????      

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