Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meta-Switch Weight Loss System Melt Down| 6 lbs Gone In One Week

So I am absolutely BLOWN away from the results I am getting with the Meta-Switch Weight Loss System.  I started out at 170.2 lbs on September 8th. 

Seeing the 170's on the scale was troubling!  Considering that in 2011 I lost nearing 50 pounds and competed in 3 body building figure shows and placed in all three (toot, toot).

I don't ever wanna get out of control of my weight again and until this Meta-Switch program I felt that is exactly were I was headed.

So as you can see above I was at 170.2 pounds at the start of my self imposed challenge.  In just 3 days I was down to 167.0 pounds.  And as of right now (only 7 days later) I have dropped another 2.2 pounds.
Meta-Switch Weight Loss System EASY PEASY!  Nough Said!

So I know that you are just dying to know what in the H-E-double hockey sticks I am doing to get such fast results, right?

Well I am sorry to disappoint you with lack luster news. . .

No I didn't STARVE. . .
No I didn't do MASSIVE cardio sessions. . .
No I didn't drink broth for days. . .

 All I did was add the Meta-Switch Weight Loss System to my life.

What does that mean?

Well, in the morning before breakfast I swallow 2 Switch Capsules with a big glass of water.

Then I have my breakfast.

Midway between breakfast and lunch I have half a Curb Slimming bar with another big glass of water.

30 minutes before I want lunch I have 2 Switch capsules with water. . .  Yes, you guessed it, then I have lunch.  Wanna guess what's next?  The other half of the Curb Slimming Bar, and then 2 more Switch capsules 30 minutes before dinner.

Water and Repeat-- I like to call it!

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